ICPS 2019: Collection of presentations related to dynamical systems

ICPS 2019 in Paris was last week, the European version of the US APS conference. Many researchers working on networks, time-series data, and dynamical systems were present, and I wanted to share all slides here. I have been asked to state that the slides were never intended to be used outside of the respective talks, because some researchers feared sharing slides that weren’t always entirely clear when reading them would reflect badly upon them. But I don’t think that’s the case: I’d rather get a rough idea of a talk than no idea at all.

If you know about other talks I missed, please let me know and I’m happy to add them here anytime. Special thanks to Sacha and Payton for helping me collect these talks!


  • Emily Bernstein: Unique And Predictive Relationships Between Components Of Cognitive Vulnerability And Symptoms Of Depression (slides)
  • Giovanni Briganti: Network analysis of empathy items from the Interpersonal Reactivity Index in 1973 young adults (slides)
  • Julian Burger: TIPS: Therapy Implications from Psychopathological Dynamical Systems (slides)
  • Giulio Costantini: Towards disentangling correspondence and emergence: The case of conscientiousness (slides)
  • Jonas Dalege: The Attitudinal Entropy (AE) Framework as a General Theory of Attitude (slides)
  • Sacha Epskamp: Intermediate Stable States in Substance Use — Can allowing use prevent abuse? (slides)
  • Sacha Epskamp: Network psychometrics — phase 2 (slides)
  • Talya Greene: Dynamic network analysis of depression symptoms (slides)
  • Alexandre Heeren: Deconstructing trait anxiety — A network perspective (slides)
  • Adela Isvoranu: State of the Art and Clinical Applications of Network Psychometrics (slides)
  • Payton Jones: Beyond symptoms — why diagnostic criteria are not enough for network analysis (slides)
  • Payton Jones: Depression comorbidity – applying bridge centrality in networks to understand overlap with other mental disorders (slides)
  • Payton Jones: Breaking the Assumption of Group Homogeneity in Networks — Partitioning Networks with Machine Learning (slides)
  • Lachlan McWilliams: Reconceptualizing adult attachment relationships — a network perspective (slides)
  • Lachlan McWilliams: A Network Perspective on the Relationship between Life Satisfaction and Depression (slides)
  • Daniel Moriarity: Comparison of the networks of depression and anxiety symptoms in adolescents as a function of inflammation (slides)
  • Maien Sachisthal: Uncovering Countries’ Science Interest Structure Using a Psychometric Network Approach (slides)
  • Matthew Southward: Which deficits are most central to Borderline Personality Disorder? A network analysis of 4,000 participants (slides)

I also zipped all slides, which you can find here.

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