External resources

A collection of useful links (under construction).

  • PsychologicalDynamics: A Facebook group that serves as a central place to share and discuss news, blogs and publications related to psychological research on dynamical systems, complex systems, network models, time-series analysis, causal discovery and phase transitions. The group is a partner project with this blog and there will be plenty of cross-postings.
  • Psychosystems.org: The website of Denny Borsboom‘s psychosystems labgroup at University of Amsterdam.
  • Awesome Network Analysis: A fantastic repository of network analysis links and references.
  • SachaEpskamp.com: Sacha’s personal site with plenty of important resources and teaching materials.
  • Network Science Book: The freely available seminal book on network science by Albert-László Barabási.
  • Eiko-Fried.com: My own academic website with many preprints and papers regarding network analysis, along with analytic syntax data for most of my papers; all materials (slides, syntax, data, references) for a 2-day network analysis workshop; and many presentations and talks.