Call for papers: special issue on PTSD network studies

The European Journal of Psychotraumatology has announced a call for papers for a special issue entitled “PTSD Symptomics: Analyzing individual PTSD symptoms and their network configurations in traumatized populations”. Cherie Armour, Miranda Olff, and me will serve as editors for this special issue.

In summary, we are looking for papers on::

  • PTSD symptom networks, either on the level of groups or individuals, in cross-sectional or time-series data
  • The stability of PTSD symptomatology and PTSD networks over time
  • PTSD comorbidity research from a network perspective
  • Symptom-based analyses that investigate whether PTSD symptoms are differentially related to various clinically relevant variables such as impairment, risk factors, biomarkers, etc.
  • Systematic reviews focusing on PTSD symptomics

The submission deadline is December 20th, and you can find further details on the journal’s website. Please contact Cherie or me if you have further questions or want to know whether your paper would be suitable for the special issue.

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