Collection of PTSD network papers & recent conference talks

This guest post was written by Tobias Spiller ( who recently finished Medical School at the University of Zurich. Tobias has published a paper using network analysis with a refugee sample and currently works on several other network analytic projects.

Last year, 15 articles using network analytic methods in PTSD/psychotraumatology research were published, marking an 150% increase of publications compared to the year 2016. Furthermore, the European Journal of Psychotraumatology published a special issue on “Symptomics”, with several articles and an editorial on network analysis in psychotraumatology. These publications reflect an increasing interest in network analysis in psychotraumatology research. The number of panels, presentations and posters at the 33rd annual meeting of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) in Chicago in November 2017, also demonstrated that network analysis is currently one of the “hot topics” in this field1.

Presentations at the ISTSS 33rd annual meeting

For those who could not attend the 33rd ISTSS meeting or want to go through the presentations again, I have started to collect presentations and posters from the speakers. Many of the speakers agreed to share their slides or poster. These resources can be found on the OSF. The names of the speakers and their talks are also provided here:

Reading List

Apart from the collection of talks and posters, I have put together a list with all papers using network analytic methods in psychotraumatology research. I updated it for the first time, including more publications (in total 27) and included some basic information on these publications, namely name of the authors, name of the journal, sample size, the populations trauma type and links to the paper and the supplementary materials. Thus, the reading list can be used as a starting point for a literature review or to find specific publications or supplementary materials. The current version of the reading list, which will be updated on a regular basis, can be found on the OSF or as an interactive list on ResearchGate. Updates will be announced via Twitter.

Please let me know If you want to share your slides, notice missing papers, broken links or have a general.


  1. For network talks presented at IMPS 2017 in Zurich, see this guest blog post by Sacha Epskamp.


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