Network of conscientiousness facets: Costantini & Perugini 2016 J Res Pers

Giulio Costantini is back! After his dissertation “Network Analysis: A New Perspective on Personality Psychology”, and his two insightful 2015 papers “State of the aRt personality research: A tutorial on network analysis of personality data in R” and “Development of indirect measures of conscientiousness: Combining a facets approach and network analysis“, Costantini & Perugini take a closer look at the network of conscientiousness (accepted manuscript). In two different samples, they investigated in detail how conscientiousness facets are interrelated with each other.



According to the network perspective, the coalescence of several personality characteristics into major personality dimensions results from a pattern of complex interactions that can be modeled as a network. We focused on one personality dimension, conscientiousness, and on its main facets. We administered a large battery of questionnaires to two samples (N=210 and N=230) and analyzed them by means of network analysis. The results showed that some elements of the network, such as general self-control and orientation toward the future, characterized all facets. These “shared” elements could be responsible for the facets to clump into one major dimension. Other elements of the network uniquely characterized different facets. These “unique” elements could underlie the main differences among conscientiousness facets.

» Costantini, G. & Perugini, M. (in press). The network of conscientiousness. Journal of Research in Personality.

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