Network talks at ABCT convention, October 27-30 New York

The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) hosts its 50-year anniversary conference in New York City in a few days.


I browsed through the program and found 4 different symposia in which presenters will talk about empirical psychopathological network research, covering eating and weight disorders, OCD, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders, and discussing topics ranging from comorbidity, idiographic vs. nomothetic aspects of psychopathology, and psychological intervention and prevention strategies to quantitative classification. I hope to see many of you there!

Network talks & symposia

  • Symposium 15: A systems approach to modeling intra- and interpersonal processes in psychotherapy and psychopathology. October 28, 10am, room O’Neill.
  • Symposium 50: Envisioning the clinical integration of network analysis and CBT: new developments. October 29, 8.15am, room Empire Complex.
  • Symposium 75: New directions in the quantitative empirical classification of psychopathology. October 29, 3.45pm, room Empire Complex.
  • Symposium 96: Network analysis as an innovative approach to understanding eating behavior: identifying key treatment targets in eating and weight disorders. October 30, 9.45am, room Juilliard & Imperial.

After the conference, I will try to publish all slides that presenters are willing to share. And in case I missed talks I should list here, please let me know.

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