2 PhD positions on psychological network research (Groningen, NL)


There is a vacancy for a PhD position on critical transitions in psychopathology amongst adolescents at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands). The position is funded by a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) grant, and supervised (among others) by Hanneke Wigman, Marieke Wichers, and Catharina Hartman, who all have had a very large impact on the psychological dynamics literature in the recent years. University of Groningen has hired a number of absolutely fantastic people in the last years, and offers great opportunities for research on psychological networks.

A second vacancy for a PhD position “Statistical Modelling of Energy Saving Measures” is also available at the University of Groningen. It seems somewhat less psychological in scope, but does take into account psychological variables (“The model will take into account house characteristics, household demographics, psychological variables such as attitudes and beliefs of inhabitants as well as general characteristics such as the weather”), and students with a master’s degree in the Behavioural and Social Sciences and a strong methodological background are encouraged to apply.

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